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FAA Certified Aerial Drone Services


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DWC Technologies, LLC  offers drone aerial video production, with FAA Certified Remote Aircraft Operators at your service. We provide clients with aerial views allowing for images never before possible without the need for cranes, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Drone videography also significantly reduces liability issues for certain applications that traditionally called for personnel to provide visual inspection services on rooftops, communications towers or hazardous areas. .


For real estate purposes, drone video productions offer a compelling view of the listing, and greatly enhance the sales presentation, and help qualify your clients by offering a  dynamic view of the property and surrounding area before the actual site visit.


- $250.00 Real Estate Package Special  -

Morgan City, LA Area

Package Includes:

Up to five minute video production with all Post Production included - Annotation, music, etc.. All raw footage - 10 digital static and video images.  

Video quality to expect: 4K@ 24-30fps, or 1080p

@ 24-60fps* 

Travel time ($50.00/hour) and mileage ($1.25/mi.) will be incurred for video shoots that are outside a 30 mile radius of Morgan City.

Extra Hours for special projects or large estates that would take more than an hour of time on site charged at the Standard Commercial Rates.

Aerial Photographs Only (No Video)

$30.00 per pic, $150 for 6, or $200/10 pics. 


First Hour - $180(One hour minimum.)

Hourly Rate Thereafter: $80.00 

Travel time ($50.00/hour) and mileage ($1.25/mi.) will be incurred for video shoots that are outside a 30 mile radius of Morgan City. Projects requiring overnight travel are charged at a flat $1200 day rate plus car rental expenses and airfare if required. Lodging and meals are charged at standard published govt. per diem rates.

Basic Service Includes All Raw Footage 


Hourly Rate: $80.00 

(Generally the cost is one hour of post production per minute of video post-production.)

Post production includes: Video Editing, annotation, fade ins, non-copyrighted music background

Title Creation & Integration - Sound Adjustments - Color Correction - Encoding of final output for DVD, Blue-Ray, Web, etc